Hey there !

I am a pro-active Product Designer having 5+ years of experience in the digital industry. With extensive knowledge of user research and UX processes, I keep a keen eye for visual identities and experience design.

I have created effective and empowering solutions for multinational companies such as Delivery Hero (Carriage) as well as regional players like Ajar and Boodai Corp (Dars). I have designed various features of mobile applications (iOS and Android) and websites including Data visualization dashboards.

Being a big picture thinker, I deliver value by creating strategic partnerships between various stakeholders, with the foresight of providing best possible experience to product users while enhancing business value.

Having a Master’s degree in Product/UX design and Bachelor’s degree in Engineering has enabled me to deliver projects with human centric design. I am a continuous learner who likes to keep updated with current design trends, learning new concepts, UX theories and applying the same at work.

I have visited 22 countries. Being immersed in other countries' cultures, learning about their history and seeing life from their perspective - I have widened my view of the world and of life as a whole. It has made me humble and more grateful. I have put one of my life goals to visit each inhabited continent before I turn 30.

In my free time, you will find me painting, making plans for the next travel destination or experimenting culinary interests in the kitchen.


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