Ajar Online

Ajar is the Middle East's leading platform for rent collection and property management with over 300+ real estate corporate clients and 40,000+ units.

The main market offering is a web ecosystem/platform to bridge the gaps between tenants and property owners while improving the property management services to all stakeholders.

Using the platform, property owners and real estate managers can add properties and tenant details with ease. They can also provide customized invoices to each tenant. The tenants can securely pay their rents on a monthly, bi-weekly or yearly basis while keeping a tab on receipts. 

I worked on transforming Ajar online website through storytelling. As this sort of service was quite new in the Kuwait market, creating awareness of the services offered was of utmost importance.
Responsibility & objective

I took the ownership of transforming Ajar’s website. As this sort of services was quite new in the Middle eastern market, creating awareness of the services offered was of utmost importance.

Overall, the focus was on elevating the design experience keeping 3 main directions in mind:

• Conversion rate measured by number of sign ups
• Visual approach of the landing page website
• An appealing user experience​ of dashboards and web app

The end goal was to deliver a seamless delightful experience to deliver exceptional customer experience.

Research & problem area

I gathered initial user responses to the landing page and analyzed the data from the development team to identify the existing pain points as noted below:

• Low clickthrough rates, that led to less conversion
• Scrolling through the page and spending more time on the website without understanding what Ajar online was!
• Lack of visual approach
• Did not showcase information about clients

Focus group interviews

I interviewed some existing and potential customers of Ajar tenant services and property owner services in Kuwait. The key insights were:

• The images on the website provide no value to potential customers
• Even for those familiar with the space, the sign-up process was so confusing that Tenants used to sign up as Landlords and vice versa!
• Too many fields were required to be compulsory filled for successful sign-up. 

“I am a tenant, but when I signed up for the first time I signed up as a landlord by mistake. I had to call your customer care to make the correction.”

“Honestly, I thought my data was not secure. I was not inclined to fill up so much information”

”I was not sure what Ajar does till this meeting. I had just browsed your website before coming but never grasped what you do”

Competitor analysis

The following competitors in international geographies (North America and Europe) were studied to get a better understanding of their propositions and their positions in the marketplace.

Approach & Solution

Brainstorming was done to ideate about:
• How might we elevate the design to feel more engaging and immersive?
• What kind of methods to use to showcase Ajar’s features?
• How might we inspire all stakeholders on the new visual design of the website?

With inputs from the growth manager and various other stakeholders, the content of the website was overhauled. The user flow was changed to solve user issues identified earlier. 

I firmly believe storytelling methodology works best in this scenario. Thus, the landing page was designed using storytelling (i.e narrative style).Some key items of the approach finalized were:
• No complicated pictures/diagrams
• Show only simple images with illustrationsShowcasing key features by narrative style
• Need to build trust and credibility. For eg., showcase clientele across the Middle East
• Seamless Call-to-action
• Sign up process for all user types

Information architecture

I came up with 4 sitemap options for a multi page website and single page website.

Final option
Low fidelity wireframes

Keeping the above information architecture in mind, I worked on few options during this phase.

design mockups

I redesigned the experience to be more visual and immersive by using illustrations and simple images. One of the most important features was a customized neutral color palette, that enabled users to focus on the content and call to actions easily.

Redesign of the user flow was intended for higher conversion and creating a capturing visual that would engage Ajar users to learn more about the services.

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Results & reflection


increase in unique visitors


increase in conversion rate

As the lead designer on Ajar’s proposition for website and dashboards, I was able to work with multiple stakeholders and influence all streams of work to ensure a better design experience.

One of my most important professional learnings through this project is the requirement of effective communication and coordination with all stakeholders. After all, coordination is the ball-bearing of a good project. Working side-by-side with the development team is an incredibly valuable process in understanding design hand-offs and interaction elements.