Carriage Crowns

Business case

The business case was to implement an offshoot of the “Joker” feature of Delivery Hero in Carriage.

We wanted to make our customers’ choices even easier by giving them a few, targeted recommendations by giving a time-limited significant discount feature. By making great order suggestions such as highlighting special restaurants, offering daily discounts based on search preferences, we could continually surprise and delight our customers, thus increasing frequency. 

Moreover, Delivery Hero also had APIs to connect with Carriage app which would lead to faster development.

Design Challenge:

Post acquisition by Delivery Hero, new brand guidelines and colour palette was communicated to the Carriage design team.

The main challenge was to incorporate the visual identity using the design guidelines and using the new colour palette suggested by them.

design concepts

We started working on various design concepts in the wireframing and mock up phases.

concept 1
concept 2
concept 3
final design