vertical switch

Vertical Switch

Business case

Carriage started as a food delivery business. However, in 2018 we ventured into other verticals such as Grocery, Electronics and Furniture delivery.

The main business case considered in this project is that of switching between various verticals in the same application. For us, the challenge is serving each type of user with the best solutions.

• Finding which vertical’s product is the user intending to buy?
• How can we provide the user with the ability to change the shopping vertical without disrupting the user flow?
• How to create awareness of other verticals for the users who think Carriage is only for food delivery?

Design Problem of the then-existing interface

Usage Scenario:
First time users are shown the functionality of FAB (FloatingAction Button) which is a vertical switcher. Despite this, users were not using the button for switching verticals as it was not intuitive.

Major issues found out in this approach were:
• Very fewer clicks on FAB
• Less exploration of other verticals
• Less conversion rate

User Testing

We did Analytical data study to gain some insights about the user interaction and found some remarkable results on the below design.

Both Android and iOS apps were introduced with a new screen that loaded right after the splash screen. Users would select a vertical/category and user interaction was tracked for a certain period of time.

Results found were:
• More clicks on different verticals
• Good conversion rate
• Users became familiar with different verticals and started exploring them.

design concepts

The above vertical switch screen was well received by users. But, the verticals were not shown upfront on home screen and it was a 2-tap process to switch. Also, there was no clear indication of which vertical was in use.

Considering the above UX problems, we came up with a new solution with following design criteria:

• Our main focus was on the visual design of the app and our new approach should be in-line with it
• Easy vertical switch option by keeping vertical list upfront in the home screen
• Easy navigation back to home screen from any vertical
• Reduce number of clicks/steps to switch vertical

Various design concepts were explored during this mock up phase and presented to the team. We decided to go with A/B testing with 2 concepts.

A/B testing
Design A
Design B
final roll out

After A/B testing design A was well received by users and showed us some promising results.

We enhanced the experience by working on a collapsible version to minimize the screen space while scrolling through the list of stores.

home screen
scroll up view of home screen